Facebook Generation

In the face of virtual progress, people have been engaging themselves in a lot of social media, including Facebook, Viber, Emo, Twitter, Messenger, and so on. It is said that social media is now being associated with almost all ages. Especially the new generation is becoming more dependent on social media. So they see everything from a virtual perspective. There are two good and bad sides. However, most netizens in this country are still unrecognized. He believes in rumors.

It’s very emotional. And before you can understand anything, it’s very extreme. The extremism that sometimes threatens the world and the country. Even his family education is questionable. The use of social media is now losing people to common sense, intelligence, and even the mentality of being considered. Social unrest is growing. The lack of harmony, courtesy of each other. In the good of Facebook, the unknown people become very few.

And the eternal people you meet every day, only in the face of the like-commutation, sometimes become the ultimate enemy. But the inner nature of the people who are on facebook is very well understood. That’s why the other name on Facebook can be called a mirror of the mind.

A Facebook user, without any sense of self-pity, shows his inner affection for his peers, friendships, positives or negatives on the timeline or in comments. There are many positive aspects besides the multi-pronged negative side of Facebook. Many constructive social activities are conducted for the welfare of Facebook. A small post also brings great good to the country and nation. Many poor and helpless families benefit.

Let’s find out what’s best to do on Facebook.

1. Avoid posting hoots.
2. Avoid replying when you see any negative comments.
3. If you give a negative comment for some reason and the answer comes in a dirty language, then it is better to remain silent. Or the barbarian will bring you down.

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4. If you make a mistake by giving a status or comment, then it is the beginning of the sad beginning and the beginning of the birth of the fertile mind.
5. When you understand the ugly nature of the very people in the very near person, you can see it in the Facebook exchange, not in a virtual way, but in a meeting.
6. Think about how important your post was on social media rather than thinking about who or how many likes you gave or didn’t post.
7. If you have posted a bad post during retirement, then correct or delete it.
8. Comment in vulgar language, leave an argument even if you argue with someone, at a moment when his comments are ugly to netizens.

Following the tips mentioned, the current turmoil in the virtual world will be largely avoided. Remember, a small size in the sound composition, a nice expression is also presented differently without the mistake of sitting. So Facebook addiction should not cause mental illness.