Facebook vs Global warming

He’s working at the office or at home but no internet , not on social media or e-mail exchanges , It’s almost impossible these days. But you know how much each e-mail or Facebook post is responsible for global warming!

The amount of carbon emissions from the e-mails sent every minute of the world is equivalent to 21,000 kg of coal. Not just e-mail; Carbon emissions are also found in WhatsApp chats or Facebook video downloading or even videos or movies on YouTube.

Global warming crisis is global today. The temperature is rising so fast that one day we can’t live on this planet. Not only is the smoke of cars or factories responsible for global warming, we are all digitally polluting the world.

Research by a British energy company has revealed that 64 million unnecessary emails are made in Britain every day. Most of them are Thank You Mail.

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Damage to e-mail or social media usage:
  • These e-mails emit 16,433 tons of carbon every year.
  • The amount of carbon that 3,334 diesel-powered cars emit is the amount of carbon that is being released from unnecessary e-mails in Britain.
  • An online 30-minute video shows more than half a kilogram of carbon emissions.
  • One Facebook user emits 299 grams of carbon every year.
How does carbon emissions from Facebook or e-mail work?
  • Every email or Facebook post you send is stored in a data center.
  • The power of this data center is the equivalent of millions of personal computers.
  • These data centers use electricity as much as a small town.
  • 10 percent of the electricity generated worldwide uses these data centers.
  • Coal or gas generates most of the electricity, so millions of e-mails or social media posts sent every day are increasing the temperature of the world.


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