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Fb Users are going to be under new obligation to open facebook accounts. The additional privileges that can be made to open an account by hiding their identity cannot be done on Facebook from now on. Facebook is no longer offering the facility to open an account if you don’t add at least one profile photo and account information to open a new account.

Also, the new obligation is to provide mobile numbers to the user on Facebook. It is difficult to open an account without giving profile photos and mobile numbers in the name of account verification.

Facebook authorities have announced that they will take action to stop the creation of inactive accounts and to prevent the threat of anonymous harassment, the IANS report said.

An IANS report also said that it was a problem for those who have multiple Facebook accounts to provide additional profile information on Facebook. To login to Facebook download, these account users will have to go through the account verification process. If these accounts do not have a mobile number, Facebook will ask for a mobile number and at least one profile picture. Facebook is not allowing multiple Facebook IDs to open with the same mobile number.

Many have already deleted their actual accounts from Facebook for fear of losing privacy or personal information protection. Users are logging into Facebook by creating another dummy or ‘noc’ account.

Users often don’t give pictures or mobile numbers to those accounts. Even don’t accept anyone on the friends list. It is used to view different Facebook pages and login to other apps via Facebook. Facebook will also force them to provide mobile numbers and profile photos as a measure against these dummy accounts.